On Teenage Angst

This collection of poems presents the myriad of emotions, thoughts and feelings experienced and dealt with by one teen. They offer a wonderful insight into the teen mind and stand as a reminder for adults, of all we go through in those years. They can also serve to give back to teen readers some understanding of what someone in the same position has gone through so as to not feel so alone.

3 Day Novel Contest

I successfully completed the 35 annual 3 Day Novel Contest, however I did not win. This idea  had been with me for 15 years. I am going to start the revision process so I can decide how to get it published.

ChronoprisonIt is one man's story in a prison of the future where the prisoners are not only deprived of their freedom, but also of time. Their minds are broken from the abuse of not knowing how long they've been there or even what time of day it is. (edits are ongoing, hopefully will publish soon)

Notes From The Apocalypse

This Facebook page is a work of fiction made in collaboration, by Diane Brown and Enrique Tapia. Featuring stories and information about the Apocalypse. This page is intended to highlight different aspects of life as seen from the perspective of the end of all things. (you do not need to be logged in to view it)